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Remarkable Experience

Artur has been a lawyer for 15 years, specializing in advisory Business, corporate and real estate law.


He has practice in M&A operations (Conducting Due Diligence in corporate activities of Merger & Acquisition of companies); corporate reorganizations and structures (merger, spinoff, absorption, transformation of corporate type, opening of branches and affiliates in Brazil and abroad), giving opinion on the strategic planning of the reorganization and elaborating the instruments necessary for the operation; and practice in real estate operations.

He monitors the activities and corporate routines of clients, such as Meetings, drafting of corporate acts in general, Shareholders' or Quotaholders' Agreement, and interface with Trade Boards.

He participates in the creation of the structuring of corporate transactions involving real estate assets, including the constitution of Special Purpose Companies (SPE) and negotiation of a Special Partnership (SCP).

Assistance in the development, elaboration and implementation of corporate Compliance programs in order to reduce the risk of breach of anticorruption and bribery laws and adjustments to the applicable international anticorruption rules.

Preventive action in the preparation of legal opinions, suggesting strategies that minimize risks to the company.

Before joining SFCS Advogados, he worked as Legal Coordinator for companies in the area of ​​Renewable Energy, Heavy Civil Construction, and Real Estate.

Operating Areas

Education Background

Lawyer with a law degree from Universidade Católica de Pernambuco in December 2005.


LLM specialization in Corporate Law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (Getúlio Vargas Foundation).


Compliance and Anticorruption

Real Estate Law


Consulting Engineering: Projects & Inspection

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