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Remarkable Experience

Cristiane has 10 years of national and international experience in complex and strategic litigation in the area of civil litigation.

The cases in which she worked involve the most diverse matters of civil law (including issues related to the energy sector, construction, entertainment, family and succession), real estate and the consumer.

She has a strong and engaged profile, committed, even, to the direct interaction with the Judiciary (judges, appeals court judges, holding hearings and oral arguments), enabling swift and efficient defense of her clients' interests.

The experience and specialization in civil litigation provide the professional a strategic vision and directed to the prevention and resolution of disputes and lawsuits.

Education Background

Lawyer with a law degree from Faculdade Integrada Barros Melo (Barros Melo Integrated College) in December 2008.

Specialization in Civil Procedural Law from Universidade Católica de Pernambuco.


Operating Areas


Consulting Engineering: Projects & Inspection


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