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Remarkable Experience

Partner in charge of the Civil Litigation area, Daniel is a specialist in national and international litigation, representing clients from the most diverse sectors, in judicial and/or administrative disputes.

His practice focuses both on pre-litigation legal advice, consisting of transactional and preventive demand consultancy, as well as on the solution of complex litigation, with a focus on the areas of infrastructure, energy, oil and gas, entertainment, technology, food, real estate and civil construction sectors.

During his professional career, before joining SFCS Advogados, Daniel worked, for more than three years, in managing, conducting and defining the most diverse civil, business and real estate nature, case strategies of a Brazilian company operating in the Oil Distribution sector.

He also has extensive experience in judicial inventory proceedings initiated in Brazil, having already represented heirs of Portuguese, Jordanian, Spanish and American nationality. In addition, he has expertise in providing legal advice to family groups in estate and succession planning.

In addition to other strategic demands, Daniel has already advised a Bioenergy Company, based in the African continent, in a dispute involving breach of contractual obligations; he represented a company in the energy sector in proceeding conflicts related to the civil liability issue arising from the supply of a photovoltaic solar power generation system; advised an entertainment company on a millionaire lawsuit, which involved the discussion of a commercial relationship; represented a group of businessmen in a lawsuit filed against a former federal deputy, which included the purchase and sale of corporate shares of a bottler, whose value exceeded BRL 20,000,000.00.

Education Background

Lawyer with a law degree from Universidade Católica de Pernambuco in December 2007.

Specialization in Public Law from Faculdade Estácio de Sá (Estácio de Sá College).

Specialization in Civil Procedural Law from the educational institution Luiz Flávio Gomes (LFG).



English and Spanish.


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