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Remarkable Experience

His practice is focused on advisory law, notably in the management of infrastructure contracts, negotiation, drafting and review of contracts for the provision of services and supply of machinery and equipment, in Brazil and abroad, and formatting of renewable energy businesses.

His performance in the management of contracts in the full-service system, 24/7, allows a dynamic, proactive and extremely personalized service, acting as internal legal for contract managers.

In addition, in the energy area, the service also includes advising clients on participation in energy auctions, as well as issuing opinions on regulatory issues in the electricity sector and acting before regulatory agents (ANEEL, CCEE, EPE and ONS).

Rafael also has experience in legal advice in international business, having assisted clients in projects in Africa (Angola, Burkina Faso and Senegal), South America (Paraguay) and Central America (Panama).

In addition to advisory law, Rafael has almost 10 years of experience in strategic civil litigation, having acted in the defense of the interest of large companies in the financial, infrastructure and sugar and alcohol sectors in complex lawsuits and with high values ​​involved.

The experience in civil litigation, combined with the specialization in Civil Procedural Law, allows Rafael a strategic vision and focused on the prevention and resolution of disputes, even in the administrative scope, while providing a performance oriented to the construction of the best scenario for his clients in an eventual arbitration or judicial dispute.

Operating Areas

Education Background 

Lawyer with a law degree from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in June 2016.

Specialization in Civil Procedural Law from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco.


Graduate student in Energy Law at the Centro de Estudos em Direito e Negócios (Center for Studies in Law and Business).






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