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& Anticorrution


  • Mapping the risks of the specific operation of each client, considering the maturity, size and segment of the company's operations for adjustments, with the implementation of procedures aimed at preventing and mitigating risks;

  • We develop internal and external Compliance policies, guaranteeing a sustainable and consistent cultural change, considering the company's operating market and its relations in the same, observing models internationally adopted. Including the elaboration of the Code of Conduct, Anticorruption Policy, Payment Policy, Supplier and Third Party Management and training of leadership and employees in general;

  • Legal advice to private and/or public companies, in administrative, judicial and anticorruption procedures, and administrative impropriety lawsuits;

  • We carry out Compliance risk assessments and analyzes in order to establish a Compliance program appropriate to the reality of each company;

  • Legal advice for directors, compliance officers and audit committees in the formulation of Compliance policies, including outsourcing;

  • Follow-up implementation and monitoring of the Compliance and Anticorruption program, assisting in the implementation, including conducting in-company training on good practices and integrity culture;

  • Due diligences of shareholders, employees; suppliers and partners;

  • Training and workshops for groups of company’s executives and employees.

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