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  • Consultancy, analysis and monitoring of public tenders, analysis of Public Tender Notices, drafting of Impugnations to Public Tender Notices, Administrative Appeals, Answer Briefs and related actions;

  • Proposition of judicial measures to control administrative acts in public tenders (Annulment Actions and Writs of Security);

  • Advice on management of administrative contracts, monitoring of contract execution and drafting of claims for economic and financial rebalancing with the Public Administration;

  • Advice on Auctions, Concessions, Permissions and Public-Private Partnerships;

  • Representation in sanction administrative procedures;

  • Representation in administrative procedures with the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA), INMETRO, Procon, Professional Boards, among others;

  • Representation in administrative procedures for Accountability, Special Accountability, Audits, before Court of Accounts, the Federal Accountability Office (CGU) and other inspection and control authorities;

  • Representation in Public Civil Actions for Administrative Impropriety;

  • Public sector recruitment examinations and public servants;

  • Demands related to the Third Sector (structuring of OS (Social Interest Organizations), OSCIPs (Public Interest Civil Organizations) and OSCs (Civil Organization), “S” System, among others);

  • Representation in Expropriation Proceedings;

  • Consultations and Opinions on Administrative Law issues.

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