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  • Legal advice on highly complex lawsuits related to senior executives;

  • Outstanding in defense theses involving expatriate employees and national and foreign companies;

  • Negotiation with Public Entities: Ministry of Labor and Employment, Public Ministry of Labor, Regional Labor Inspection Offices;

  • Consultancy related to the process of hiring employees, from the negotiation and selection phases;

  • Drafting of service contracts in compliance with the law, the collective rules and the company's compliance rules;

  • Drafting of profit- and results-sharing plans, stock options, bonuses and other variable compensations;

  • Due diligence of operations for the drafting of Prevention and Reduction of Labor Liabilities Plans;

  • Issuance of legal opinion on Labor Law, including Voluntary Dismissal Programs;

  • Negotiation of contractual terminations involving expatriates and registration of these agreements with the National Council on Foreign with subsequent mediation and ratification with the presidency of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ)

  • Experience in international affairs;

  • Personalized advice considering specificities of the operation / case;

  • Experience in crisis prevention management strategy / plans;

  • Successful debt settlement strategy for labor disputes in Judicial Corporate Arrangement Plans.

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