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Industrial Construction & Assembly - Oil & Gas

SFCS has experience in legal advice related to contract management, having worked in the structuring and full monitoring (full-service) of renewable energy undertakings that are highlighted in the national ranking of electricity generation. Over almost a decade, SFCS has participated in projects in the energy area that, together, reach about 500 MW of power.​


  • Performance in the pre-operational phase, through corporate structuring, financing formatting, contractual modeling and negotiation of infrastructure projects, especially related to renewable energy projects;

  • Drafting, review and negotiation of contracts for the development and implementation of generating units, such as EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), main equipment supply, O&M (Operation and Maintenance) and Owner's Engineering contracts for the power generating units, PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), partnership contracts and related documents, needed for the development of energy projects;

  • Full-time legal advice in the management and execution of administrative and private contracts related to infrastructure projects and engineering and construction projects, comprising client support in risk management, interface with contractors, subcontractors and partners, registration and communication of relevant contractual events, as well as analysis, drafting and negotiation of economic-financial rebalancing claims of contracts and those related to indemnities;

  • Representation in arbitration proceedings;

  • Tax planning and modeling, including through mapping, analysis and advice in obtaining tax incentives, reducing the tax burden on operations related to the execution of supply contracts, service provision contracts and implementation of projects;

  • Preparation of labor opinions in compliance with applicable labor legislation and updated to the specific case, including matters of M&A, union law and collective bargaining;

  • Representation in judicial and administrative proceedings with the Ministry of Labor and Employment, the Public Ministry of Labor and Regional Labor Offices;

  • Preventive labor advice from the beginning of hiring employees involved in obtaining licenses and executing contracts for the implementation of undertakings to the eventual termination of the employment contract and demobilization of the teams;

  • Representation in sanction administrative procedures related to the execution of the undertakings' implementation contracts

  • Representation in legal proceedings related to the dismissal of administrative penalties applied by regulatory and supervisory agents

  • Representation in legal proceedings arising from non-compliance with service provision, supply and implementation contracts;

  • Representation in collection actions and credit recovery proceedings.


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