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Real Estate



  • Structuring of corporate transactions involving real estate assets, including the constitution of Special Purpose Companies (SPE) and negotiation of a Special Partnership (SCP);

  • Alignment of legal strategies to be adopted in real estate operations with personalized advice;

  • Due diligence of real estate purchase and sale operations, as well as property rental, leases, with the analysis of economic capacity and suitability of the parties involved;

  • Assistance in the constitution and discipline of civil condominiums arising from business projects;

  • Advice on Built-to-Suit, Sale and Leaseback and other operations related to the construction, rental, purchase, and sale of real estate;

  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts related to swaps, residential and/or non-residential rentals, real estate projects, and chattel mortgage of real estate as collateral;

  • Support in internal and external audits and participation in real estate projects and Project Finance.

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