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  • ​ • Advice on structuring and formatting businesses;

  • Drafting of contracts and legal opinions;

  • Advice on equipment supply contracts;

  • Advice on EPC contracts;

  • Contractual management in infrastructure works;

  • Corporate operations - M&A; incorporation of companies and their changes; mergers; spinoffs; absorptions; transformations;

  • Legal advice on opening subsidiaries and branches of companies abroad, including interface with firms abroad (Angola, Senegal, Portugal, Spain, Mexico and Peru);

  • Due Diligences in corporate M&A operations;

  • Implementation of Corporate Governance;

  • Outsourcing of Governance Department;

  • Monitoring of clients’ corporate activities and routines, such as Meetings, Board of Directors' meetings, among others, and drafting corporate acts in general;

  • Drafting of a Shareholders' or Quotaholder Agreement;

  • Assistance in structuring the Governance Department, including outsourcing.

  • Assistance in structuring the Corporate Governance program;

  • Advice to members of Boards;

  • Monitoring the implementation and the Corporate Governance program itself.

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