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  • Preventive civil consultancy, aiming to minimize costs / losses arising from demands related to the civil and real estate area, avoiding unnecessary litigation;

  • Expertise in the defense of individuals and legal entities, either national and foreign, in cases involving issues of civil law, especially civil liability, obligations and contracts, as well as real estate and renewable energy;

  • Strategic advice in the sphere of civil litigation;

  • Representation in highly complex execution and collection actions;

  • Personalized service and tailor-made to the client's needs;

  • Support to clients in meetings and hearings;

  • Monthly update of the proceedings through reports registered in a specific technological system, which allows the constant monitoring of the lawsuits / proceedings by the client;

  • Credit recovery:​​


       ○ Expertise in the administrative and judicial phases, with a quality policy, in order to develop personalized collection strategies, supported by a modern information system and routine monitoring reports, thus ensuring agility and efficiency to the client;

         ○ Legal advice for both creditor and debtor.

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