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SFCS advises projects, national and international, in the area of infrastructure, under full-service system, in works in Brazil, Angola, Benin and Senegal.


  • Assistance in the analysis and interpretation of notices to tenders (public and private) and invitation to tenders, in Brazil and abroad;

  • Structuring of projects, including commercial proposals and consortium formation contracts, including corporate, labor, tax and regulatory modeling, as well as issues related to financing;

  • Assistance in tendering procedures, drafting of impugnations to notices, administrative appeals and other acts;

  • Assistance in the management of administrative contracts and covenants and in the claims for economic-financial rebalancing;

  • Proposition of judicial measures to control administrative acts, especially in public tenders (Annulment Actions and Writs of Security);

  • Advice on dealings with export promotion agencies and banking institutions (financiers);

  • Drafting and monitoring (full-service) of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contracts;

  • Assistance in structuring financing guarantee packages and obtaining insurance for the execution of contracts;

  • Drafting and monitoring of supply contracts (both for equipment and services), including import and customs clearance;

  • Representation in legal proceedings related to the undertakings, in particular labor and civil proceedings;

  • Preventive labor assistance from the beginning of the employee's hiring to the eventual termination of the employment contract;

  • Creation of profit-sharing plans, rules for variable compensation, executive compensation;

  • Direct action in the strategy to prevent the reduction of labor liabilities;

  • Expertise in the defense of national and foreign companies in cases involving expatriate employees;

  • Permanent performance with the client, to avoid contingencies in the sector;

  • Advice on negotiation and litigation;

  • Preparation of opinions in general;

  • Representation of our clients in demands proposed by executives, highly complex demands, with a well-defined defense strategy, considering the litigating parties and their potential repercussion;

  • Representation in arbitration proceedings, from the submission of the Arbitration Request to the rendition of arbitration judgment;

  • Representation in administrative procedures before the Federal Audit Court, state Audit Courts, Federal Accountability Office, and other inspection and control authorities;

  • Representation in Public Civil Actions for Administrative Impropriety;

  • Representation in collection actions arising from contracts agreed with the public administration;

  • Legal advice in the management and execution of administrative and private contracts related to infrastructure undertakings and engineering and construction projects, comprising client support in the registration and communication of relevant contractual events, as well as the analysis, drafting and negotiation of economic-financial rebalancing claims of contracts and those related to indemnities;

  • Structuring of tax planning, enabling the assessment of possible tax or financial benefits, optimizing the tax burden on operations.

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