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Intellectual Property

& Data Protection


O SFCS trabalha com parceiros em diversas frentes, como:

  • Analysis, protection and defense of intellectual property rights;

  • Analysis, negotiation and drafting of contracts for protection, assignment and licenses for the use of brands and industrial property (brands and software);

  • Legal advice on legislation to protect copyright and industrial property rights;

  • Legal support in the trademark and software licensing process;

  • Assistance in registration and release procedures for trademarks, software with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property);

  • Representation in administrative proceedings with the INPI, through the presentation of defenses, impugnation and appeals related to the denial of trademark registration;

  • Trademark use agreements;

  • Technology acquisition and transfer agreements;

  • Contracts for the provision of technical services;

  • Data protection and information security assessment to identify, map, analyze, organize and minimize any risks and impacts to privacy;

  • Due Diligence to identify information security risks, data protection, intellectual property and regulatory risks;

  • Creation of internal information security policies, including information security terms, device monitoring, contingency plans, among others;

  • Compliance of Brazilian and multinational companies with business in Brazil to the LGPD (General Personal Data Protection Law);

  • Crisis management in case of Data Breach;

  • Legal opinions through analysis of products and services offered by companies.


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