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Private Equity

& Venture Capital

SFCS advises Brazilian and foreign clients in structuring investments, as well as in liquidity events, having participated in projects in Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Benin, Senegal and Mozambique.



  • Drafting, review and negotiation of corporate documents in general (bylaws, articles of association, shareholders/quotaholders' agreements, minutes of meetings, among others);

  • Structuring for foreign investments in Brazil, including corporate, labor, tax and regulatory issues;

  • Structuring for Brazilian investments abroad, including corporate, labor, tax and regulatory issues;

  • Assistance for opening companies in Brazil and abroad;

  • Assistance for registration with BACEN (Brazilian Central Bank);

  • Assistance in corporate restructuring, including transformation, merger, spinoff and absorption of companies with the shareholding of investing partners;

  • Assistance in structuring investments with the shareholding of investment funds;

  • Legal audit (due diligence) of companies in the process of corporate reorganization, acquisition, sale or fundraising;

  • Structuring of operations and contracts for making/receiving investments in the domestic and international market;

  • Structuring the acquisition/sale of companies;

  • Structuring of absorption, merger and spinoff operations;

  • Structuring of tax planning, allowing the optimization of the tax burden on the operations to be carried out.

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