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SFCS has experience in structuring projects that exceed the installed 400MWp of renewable energy (Solar - Wind - Biomass), in projects carried out in Brazil, Angola and Spain, offering full monitoring to clients (full-service), performing activities related to:​:

  • Advisory, administrative and judicial assistance in the implementation of projects in the electricity sector, in traditional energy generation (hydroelectric and thermoelectric) and renewable (wind energy, SHP - Small Hydroelectric Plants -, solar, including distributed micro- and mini-generation of energy, and biomass), including corporate, tax, regulatory and financing issues;

  • Land regularization for the implementation of projects, including through negotiation and execution of contracts with the owners of the properties included in the area of ​​implementation of the generating unit and, also, of the transmission lines;

  • Assistance in energy auctions, from the pre-bidding phase, through the project’s corporate structuring to the monitoring and assistance during all phases of the event, to the signing of the energy purchase and sale contract;

  • Advising and structuring merger and acquisition operations related to projects developed in the Regulated Contracting Environment (ACR) and the Free Contracting Environment (ACL);

  • Drafting, review and negotiation of contracts for the development and implementation of generating units, such as EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), main equipment supply, O&M (Operation and Maintenance) and Owner's Engineering contracts for the power generating units, PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), partnership contracts and related documents needed for the development of energy projects;

  • Assistance in obtaining financing for the implementation of the power generating unit, as well as the structuring and modeling of projects and contracts;

  • Assistance in obtaining insurance for power generating units;

  • Continuous and real-time monitoring of the construction contract and supply contracts (both for equipment and services);

  • Legal advice in the management and execution of administrative and private contracts related to infrastructure undertakings and engineering and construction projects, comprising client support in the registration and communication of relevant contractual events, as well as the analysis, drafting and negotiation of economic-financial rebalancing claims of contracts and those related to indemnities;

  • Assistance in obtaining licenses for the implementation and operation of power generating units;

  • Representation in legal proceedings related to the undertakings, especially labor claims;

  • Preparation of labor opinions in compliance with applicable labor legislation and updated to the specific case, including matters of acquisitions and mergers, union law and collective bargaining;

  • Assistance in sale of energy on the free market;

  • Structuring of self-production projects, including under the BTS (Built-to-Suit) model;

  • Representation in arbitration proceedings, from the submission of the Arbitration Request to the rendition of arbitration judgment;

  • Representation in legal proceedings arising from failures in the provision of services and arising from civil liability (indemnity proceedings);

  • Representation in lawsuits that require discussion of extrajudicial title.


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